About Us

While I can fill this page about the origin of Mahajati or its founders - I will not. Because this company is not about its founders. It is about our Artisans, their passion and the amazing craft that have been passed on from father to child over generations.

My relationship with the artisans began while searching for a meaningful gift for my mother's 67th birthday. On first sight, I was captivated by the beauty of calligraphic art which the artisans produced by hand, for their homes. I knew I had found something special and coaxed the artisans to produce a raw wood sculpture of Ayatul Kursi which I showcased with modern finishing and framing. This first finished art piece sits proudly on the living room wall of my mother's residence.

The first art produced in 2017- A 67th birthday gift to my mother

My collaboration with the artisans in producing this first art piece is what began my journey that is now Mahajati. I am thankful for the experience in working with these talented group of artisans because it made me realize two things;

First, I realized that this traditional craft is a dying trade that needs to be preserved for future generations.
Second, like myself, many others struggle to find appropriate gifts for their fellow Muslim friends and family. This traditional calligraphic art make great gifts for events such as house-warming, office opening, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays.
With Mahajati, I see a platform from which I can create an economy around traditional handmade art that can sustain the craft and allow me to share the beauty of Islam through art.

My work centers around the art, the artisans and their families. By retaining the craft, we help preserve this traditional handmade Art for future generations.

Mahajati Artist At Work
Producing Calligraphic Art By Hand - One Piece At A Time

We are very thankful for your support and your every purchase shall contribute towards preserving this woodworking tradition for our families and beyond.

I tell this story so you understand that every piece you purchase is not only an art, but it has identity, meaning and purpose.

Founder - Mohammad Mohdar